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Saturday, 18 February 2012

around here

painting a commissioned art work that is long overdue!  with art, sometimes it really takes time, to have that inspiration, the mood, the feeling of connecting with your art as you paint, the momentum once you start. i need lots of time and space for that. alone time in the quiet house to myself is best. with a one car family, driver to a working husband and a college going sister with classes of different schedule everyday, plus house chores and errands, takes some adjustments. sometimes i only have one day a week to really get into it.

 but i am grateful whatever time is given. i love painting.
it brings me right to the present moment.
i feel the magic, the flow, the aliveness of being in the presence of spirit, the unseen but yet so tangibly felt, so sacred and divine. sometimes i even get a little giddy, to be in the creative joy space. all is good.

wishing you a happy weekend!


  1. Oh, I love that feeling... it is really the best!!

  2. patty: yes, it IS the best feeling ever!

  3. Alison, seeing your progress is such fun and inspiring. It looks beautiful! Love to you!


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