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Thursday, 22 March 2012

weekend retreat

grumpy old cat, seen in our neighbourhood

happy spring/autumn equinox!
i've been pretty busy this month, friends and family treating me to birthday lunches and dinners or just simply having good happy meals. i am blessed. truly grateful.

and now it's time for some quiet. i will be going for a meditation retreat this weekend. 3 days  for a start before embarking for longer retreats. it will be held in a meditation centre in asahan, melaka and under the guidance of reverend mahinda.

i'm all packed (well almost) and leaving first thing tomorrow morning.

may your days be filled with lots of goodness and happy.
see you next week!


  1. Hello Alison! A happy birthday to you. Love your post about your retreat. =) May i know more about it?

  2. Ooo - that cat does look a little grumpy! Happy birthday and enjoy your time away - a meditation retreat sounds wonderful!

  3. Enjoy your sounds truly awesome and just what you need! Love the photo of the grumpy cat! xx

  4. flighty: thank you so much! i did enjoy my weekend! :) xx

    shia lynn: thanks for the wishes. you can send me an email and i can tell you more about it.

    patty: thanks patty! i had a wonderful time :)

    marion: yes indeed, just what i needed! i feel refreshed and excited for more magical times.


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