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Saturday, 7 July 2012

what i did in the workshop

a facilitator friend and photographer sent me these photos that he took during the metta facilitator workshop. a glimpse of what we/i did. thanks chung lu for the photos!

our metta circle.

a sharing.

 caught in the act.

janet and i.
   the participants. i heard the next stop of metta facilitator workshop will be in singapore. our teacher, bhante mahinda, is the one right in the middle, on stage, brown robes.  


  1. Hey finally on some official metta business that is related to your blog name? hehe.... hope you had a metta ful time.

  2. anna: yah, after all these years, metta related stuff finally show up.

    janet: i feel great and happy! :)

  3. How pretty you are, Alison, such a wonderful smile! xx


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