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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

one step at a time

it's finally officially official, we received our passports with the sticker/stamp of resident visa.
right now we're slowly letting go of "stuff", it's still quite early since i have till early next year, but we do what we can now little by little so that we won't get overwhelm by too many things to do and too little time.

i brought kiki to the vet to get her blood sample extracted, about 3ml of it. to be sent to UK for rabies tests. i do not know why malaysians vet aren't recognized to do that, we'll just have to follow the NZ government's instructions. it will take a couple of weeks for the results.
kiki shivered so hard and so did i! she was afraid but also very brave, she didn't kick or make any noise. doctor khor and his assistant did a wonderful job too, they talked to her in comforting words, "kiki is a brave cat" repeatedly, infusing that brave energy into her.

cats are resilient lot, it's only the humans that worry too much. here's an update of the fund. we're making progress, yay! thank you so much. i can't say that enough. i should have listed down the process and cost so we'll know where the money goes to. i'll ask the pet exporter the next time i meet him.

 i will be attending some art markets in december, i'll announce when it's nearer to the dates. if you're looking for gifts this christmas, do come visit me and get a journal or two for yourself and your loved ones. this may be my last markets here. support handmade this holiday season for a change, support crafters instead of corporations :)


  1. Hi Allison,
    Sounds like thinks are moving along well for you.
    Your very right, cats are very resilient.
    Have a great day!
    The art markets must be so fun!

    1. crossing fingers, yes is well. cats are resilient but they look so fragile.

      you have a great day too lydia! thanks so much for leaving sweet comments, they make me happy.

  2. Yay, glad everything is moving forward! In 2001 we sold our house (3000 sq. ft.) and got rid of everything except what would fit in a 10 x 10 storage unit... it is a VERY daunting task and you are wise to start early!! (of course now we have accumulated almost as much stuff again 8~/)
    Oh, brave Kiki! I so hate watching pets in pain.... the worst!! Glad that part is over!! xox

    1. wow! i cannot imagine how you guys did it! i hope i can survive this move with body and mind intact, lol!

      and you know how they say the pet and owner are link somehow? after the vet visit, both kiki and i had to take a nap! :P

  3. Wow looks like NZ is just around the corner! Woweeee..Kiki is such a brave soul!

    1. she is, and a lucky cat too. we love her so much.

  4. Hey dearie, one step at a time, a little by little, you can do it! Yup! cats are resilient! Penny sat on a 16 hour flight and she came out fine! haha... a little more manja when we reached but all in all, she's great! She's a lot more 'talkative' here in the States though, compared to back home in Malaysia... I wonder why... :P

    1. haha! more talkertive? if only we can understand cat language, that would be interesting! :)


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