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Monday, 5 November 2012

last week and this week

did some fun things last week.

part of my courage course, doing something brave every day. i went out and stick these kind words. i was afraid/shy/embarrassed at the beginning so i started in a public washroom.

had tea with a friend and stuck this at the cafe's chopsticks/spoon holder.

the mall was preparing for deepavali. a lady doing a kolam. love the art.

over the weekend, i attended a book binding workshop with syam of little syam at fabric fanatics. i learned 2 new sticthing method - french stitch and coptic stitch.

 coptic stcich.

the happy participants! we had a lot of fun with laughter, "eek" and "ohh" when participants made mistakes (myself included), ate pizza and took photos. if you'd like to learn bookbinding, you can find out more on her facebook page. syam blogs here with beautiful photos.

i am feeling a bit under the weather but looking forward to do some paintings and journal making this week. this coming weekend i will be going to another meditation retreat. this time as a volunteer. helping out at the centre. an act of gratitude to my teacher/teachers.

kiki's migration fund is still ongoing. yes, it is also part of my brave move - to ask for help. this is what i learned and shared in class - asking for help is not being weak, it's being real.

have a good week!


  1. I would love the enrol in a class like that but scared that I'll just do things halfway again! You guys looked like you all had fun!

    1. try it, just for fun. you'll never know where it will lead you to. i took a jewelry making class few years ago and learned all sorts of craft after that, just playing, experimenting to see what works what doesn't. if we are afraid to try, we'll never know what we can do, yes?

  2. Hello Alison, What a great weekend you had!
    Your so right about asking for help.
    hope the retreat is fun this coming weekend.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. I love everything about this, Alison! Your being brave and the little stickies! Many times I have wanted to bring my little mini-cards and drop them anonymously in public, but have always backed off for one reason or another.... not you have me thinking about it again!

  4. Super, Alison, I'm so happy for you! Such'll be able to put what you've learned to good use when you move...xx


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