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Saturday, 10 November 2012

art in the back yard + etsy SALE

this week i painted outside, in our tiny backyard. it's monsoon season but i was lucky to get a few bright sunny mornings.   kiki being nosy and curious, wondering what was going on?
and splash...
   more splish splash...

 this was done on a different day after i waited for the previous layers to dry. it's not done yet but close. looks like i'm able to complete by end of november after all, my dateline.

 also in the back yard, my blue pea plant is blooming profusely. it is loving the monsoon rain.

  hot blue pea tea during late afternoon thunderstorm is just perfect.  

i'm having HOLIDAY SALE in my etsy shop, great time to get gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. use coupon code HOLIDAY2012 for 15% discount during check out. sale ends 28 november 2012. by purchasing you'll also be helping me fund kiki's migration :)

i'm leaving early tomorrow morning for a three day meditation retreat in alokarama, tampin. this time as a volunteer. looking forward to serve the yogis. good times.

have a good weekend my friends!


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Alison, your parcel arrived. The book is absolutely lovely and I can't wait to fill it with drawings. But I love the tiles, they are really superb!

    Have a great time at your meditation retreat giving back...xx

    1. hey marion, yay! glad that they arrive to you safely. and i'm happy that you like them.

      yes, giving back... happy to serve :)

      have a great weekend marion!

  2. Hi Alison , Glad you got to paint. Love the painting and the bright colors you used. KiKi ooks cute. Have a nice week!

  3. Love the painting, Ali! :D

    And much peace and joy in your retreat!

    1. thanks roselle :)
      i'm back and it was good retreat :)


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