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Friday, 12 April 2013


Kiki somehow managed to open the heater pump cupboard and got stuck behind the tank. I panicked at first not knowing how to pull her out (she was strangling) but thankfully managed to after much effort. That really gave me (and her) quite a fright. And Kiki... she's all dirty... 
Resting... no more venturing for today.
We've been having wonderful sunny days (that i am so thankful for) and it was so inviting that i just had to go out and enjoy the sun. Learning to be present every moment and not thinking of "what's next" which is running in my head a lot lately.

If all goes well, our furniture and household items will be arriving next week and we'll be busy again. Fun times ahead decorating and arranging stuff in our little home. Once all are in place only then we'll be more settled and I can decide what to do next. But for now... i rest.


  1. She needs a bath, and doesn't look very happy either. Flighty xx

    1. Hehe, yes she wasn't very happy and i just rub off the dirt off her fur as best i can. Dont want to introduce bath time so soon.


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