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Monday, 6 May 2013

Last week

Scenes from last week. We had a day of sunshine and Kiki had a chance to go out. 
Sniffing, sniffing.... sniffing the air and everything.

I received good news upon waking up Saturday morning, I have been accepted to sell my goodies at a local craft market. I am so excited and very VERY nervous. I have about 2 weeks to prepare and make more journals. Time to get the momentum going.

On Sunday, I manage to finally meet a blog friend after years of knowing each other online. We had missed meeting each other in 2010 when i was there for a holiday. I had a wonderful time chatting with Candice and she shared so many tips on preparing for winter. This will be my first experience of winter. It has already begun with lots of rain and strong wind and it will go on for months ahead. Brr...


  1. It looks, and sounds, like you had a good weekend. Flighty xx

  2. Yay for the market! That will be a great way to start establishing yourself there! Looks like Kiki is adjusting....


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