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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My first Craft Market

In Auckland.

Our little shop is on the right, journals on table. Covered by some branches. You can also see half of Gene! :) Happy and grateful to have him helping me out. Books are heavy!
Post craft market. Still making journals. Continuing the ones that didn't get done in time for the market.

Listings the ones that didn't get sold at the market. Check out our Etsy Shop for some new journals!
This Owls Whoo journal is one of them. Loving those eyes!
Lots to do around here. Busy and happy.


  1. you've ended up in such a beautiful place, Alison, your photos are gorgeous! And I hear your happiness in your writing...this move was sooo good for you and Gene. And Kiki, who looks wonderfully healthy.

    Congratulations on participating in the Craft Market...your journals look very professional and creative...I love mine!

    So glad you're happy with your new home and the wonderful countryside. It is such fun to explore! xx

    1. Yes Marion, it is beautiful and "new" to us. We are all very happy! We can really see how Kiki is so active and playful since coming here, she gives us lots of laughter for sure!

      I am grateful everyday for this lovely experience.

  2. Good to see you busy and happy. Flighty xx

    1. Thanks Flighty. Is feels good to be productive. xx

  3. Great, Alison - so glad you were able to do this! The first of many no doubt! And so glad I have my little elephant journal (still saving it for something special...)

    1. Patty, I was so nervous, but of course as all things go, it's all in the head! I will try to apply again for the next market and maybe explore other markets as well.

      Oh, little elephant will be a wonderful companion when the time is right :)

  4. hi Alison,
    I love your journals! It's great to see your at the market with them.
    It's nice to see Your happy and having fun.
    have a great day!


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