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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Word of the year - Bloom

A pretty good feeling to start the new year and also excited to pick another Word of the Year. This year I pick Bloom. Before I go on writing about why I choose Bloom, I need to thank my word of the year 2013, which was Courage. Indeed I had to practise Courage in so many ways. We moved to another country! New experiences, new things, new places, new people, new everything! Courage was called for in so many ways. I learned so much, and being braver than I knew I could be was definitely one of them. And this practise of Courage will continue on that's for sure.  
Bloom 2014. Now that we are mostly settled here, it's time to Bloom. I wish to take my business to the next level, but in tiny steps. And I shall continue with my spiritual practise and other happy evolution of my life's journey. I've moved away from doing readings and such, now I'm leaning towards adding beauty to the world. I'm not sure what or how yet. I've written some things I wish to do this year, but you know how it goes, that intelligent and witty wind that knows more than you do may blow you somewhere else. So I will be tuning in to my intuition and follow the magic of spontaneous unfoldment, it's going to be awesome!

And to start off, I shall attempt to write and journal with these books that did not make it to the shops. And I shall, if I am brave enough, share them with you. I'm taking this quote from Brené Brown, "Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation." So we shall see.

My thanks also goes out to Ali Edwards who started this One Little Word tradition. What is your One Little Word or Word of the Year 2014? You can find a list of words here to pick from. I've shared this with many of my friends and they loved it so much that we always review and share our words during this time of the year. So good.  


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  1. OK, I have only recently decided... and you are the first to know. My new word is REACH. It has many implications for me, which I will write about soon. I love your thoughts here about both the old and new words. It's funny and so interesting about how they evolve, don't you think? Bloom away, my friend!


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