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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Thanksgiving Jornal + Garden Update

I finally completed the custom order journal. I had a few hiccups but manage to resolve with some re-stitching and re-binding.   IMG_20140818_02079
A Thanksgiving journal or Gratitude journal. I love the idea that my customer has for this little book. She has a tradition whereby every year on Thanksgiving day, her family will list down in a Thanksgiving journal all the things that they are grateful for. Isn't that the best?! I love it!!

It was a joy making this journal and knowing how it will be used and cherished in years to come. This gives me the pleasure of doing what I love - making journals.

A little update on the garden. I've planted some flowers, herbs and vegetables in random. There are some strawberries and herbs which are closest to the deck so I can reach them easily. Flowers in between and some veggies in the middle and I made a foot path using bricks. That way I can water them easily and not get my boots all too dirty.
That's in the morning where I decided what goes where, next I mixed the earth with some compost and manure before placing them in their new home.

By evening all is done. My first attempt in gardening here so I only have a few vegetables - kale, cabbage and broccoli. I still have room for more, maybe I'll get some more seedlings from the local market this weekend.

Meanwhile, right outside my studio window, the first rose is blooming! So exciting to see this! It's beautiful! I find myself looking forward to checking on it every morning.

Spring is just around the corner.


  1. That's a lovely journal. Well done with the garden, it'll soon start to look really good once everything starts growing. I look forward to seeing the rose once it blooms. Flighty xx

    1. Thanks Flighty, I think it would too, Happy to start my own little patch. I have another patch on the oposite end that needs clearing, waiting for warmer and dryer days to do so.

  2. Love the gorgeous embroidered journal Alison! You have hidden talents... Thanks for sharing the before and after pics of your garden. Amazing result! Hope your back is ok though.. MetService is predicting sunshine from Friday on for the whole of next week!
    Like Flighty would love to see how baby rose is doing. -Christine

    1. Thanks Christine. It was a bit of work but I'm pleased with the result. Hope my customer likes it. Oh, good! I've been waiting for sunny days to do some more gardening, it's so good to be outside after working indoors whole week :-)


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