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Monday, 10 November 2014

Tie Dye and Zucchini

Last week's weather was lovely, I manage to get a lot done in the warm sunny days.  
A lovely lady I met at the market gave me this fabric and I made it into a journal, it's a gift for her friend. I really like the fabric!

I've also completed some small journals, most of them will be going to East West gallery.

I've been doing some experiments on fabric dyeing, intending to make them into journals. The first batch didn't turn out quite to my satisfaction. I'll be doing more experiments in the coming days.

Different variations of indigo with different fabric and time soaked in the dye. Lots to learn and experiment.

In the garden....

The beans and peas are now placed near the raised bed. I bought some bamboo stakes as I wasn't quite the pro in splitting the bamboo that we have, but still used a couple that was good enough to do it's job.

The birds have been eating the wild berries that I thought was strawberries (found while clearing the garden) it tastes bitter and sour, I have since removed them from the garden. The real strawberries (that I bought from the local market), I transfer them into the planter and placed a protective net so they will not get eaten by the birds.

A classmate from my sewing class gave me a pot of zucchini (courgette). I'm very happy and grateful with this gift and hopefully will be able to grow them successfully. Notice a wee spider on the top leaf? ;)

As for Kiki, she too enjoyed the sunny weather :)


  1. Both your journals and the garden are keeping you busy. Those courgettes look big enough to plant out, and make sure you give them plenty of room to grow.
    That's alovely photo of Kiki. Flighty xx

  2. I am running out of space in my already crowded plot. Will have to squeeze in another plant and crossing my fingers they'll grow. Perhaps I will move around my plants again to make more room for it. xx

    1. I wouldn't move plants around unless really necessary. If they're a trailing variety then it shouldn't be a problem. Don't worry too much, just plant them where you think they'll be okay. Flighty xx

    2. Ok :) Found a corner that I think may work. We shall see. xx


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