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Friday, 1 April 2016

Back to gardening

I am continuing my gardening post again after a short stint on the journaling prompt posts, I will still continue updates on what I've been making and what's new in my shops.

It was a long Easter weekend past week and I really had a good break being away from the computer and spent some time in the garden. I did not make any new journals either, this one was made the week before and finally listed in my shop this week.

A small feather journal. I hand drawn the feather on a piece of calico fabric and sewed it onto the green linen.

A close up of the hand drawn feather. It is now listed in my Etsy shop.

I've done a little updating on my blog and added a newsletter subscription to those who are interested in updates on my products. I am just starting to learning this new software so it might be a bit wonky. Subscribers will get special discounts, coupons and goodies that I do not normally offer to the masses. You'll also enjoy a 20% off your next order by subscribing. You are most welcome to subscribe if this interest you.


After the very strong wind we had last week, I had to clear most my my veggies that toppled over, beans and sprouting broccoli, all into the compost bin. Went to the garden centre and bought some leafy ones for autumn/winter planting. I've chosen some lettuces and asian green Tatsoi.

Tatsoi, my first try and hopefully will be an easy care. While preparing the soil, I dug out five good sized potatoes from last year which was a happy surprise.

It is getting cooler and I have to start thinking how to cover my chilli plants from frost. I failed to do so last year which resulted the death of my previous plants. This is asian fire which is tiny but really hot, had my neck hair stood on its end the first bite, now I cut them really fine so I still get the kick but not as shocking. We do love our chillies.

This plant, Ajania pacifica caught my eyes with it's lovely mandala formed leaves edged with silver, what a beautiful plant! Flowers are starting to show and will be much welcomed during the grey months ahead.

The weather forecast indicates rain this weekend, hopefully I get some gardening time as I plan to add more leafy greens next to the Tatsoi as there is room for more veggies.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. A most enjoyable post and good pictures. It's a shame about the strong winds. That last plant looks interesting, and it'll be good to see it in flower. Have a good weekend. Flighty xx

    1. Flighty, it is good to contine with my gardening posts again as I find it more relaxing to write and share photos of my garden, and so I will continue for now. I had a good weekend spent in the garden. You have a good week. xx

  2. Replies
    1. Hello there, thanks for popping by my blog and thanks for your kind words :)


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