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Saturday, 21 May 2016

New books and enjoying autumn

A lot is going on behind the scene preparing for Etsy Craft Party that I missed posting last week. Here's what's new in my shop.

New shibori notebooks. These are individual fabric that I hand dyed and made into notebooks. They are small light weight blank books and great for writing lists, ideas and plans.

A stitch resist shobori journal. This took a long time to do, as do with all stitch resist shibori and the result is simply worth it, I do love the detailed pattern. It is listed here.

Circles, another stitch resist shibori journal. I do love this one very much. Listed in my Etsy shop.

A new small shibori journal I made this week, a single "ring" which looks a little like an eclipse. I'll be listing it soon.

I have been out most days this week handing out posters and flyers to libraries, community centres, shops and cafes. I am so fortunate that the people I met with are all so very kind, friendly and supportive. Hosting this craft party is something that is out of my comfort zone, I haven't organised any event since our house warning party over 20 years ago. Meeting and talking to strangers still give me butterflies in my stomach, but I guess it is good sometimes to stretch that courage muscle.

I am also preparing the bookmaking kits for the craft party, bits and pieces of embellishments, paper cut out and even stamps, each is different, participant will have to be creative to make a mini bookart from what is given in the kits. It is going to be fun :)

The leaves on our tree (which I still do not know it's name) has turn yellow, orange and red and is falling fast. I wake up every morning to look at the tree and everyday it is different, it changes so fast and so beautiful to look at. On a fine blue sky day, I'd sit and enjoy the red flame against the blue sky. A magnificent sight I don't get tire of.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm sure that the craft party will be great fun and a success. They're lovely looking leaves but I don't know what the tree is.
    Thanks, and you too. Flighty xx

    1. I hope so too Flighty. I can only do my best and hope for the best. x


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