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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

boys and girl

jeffrey, me, ah heng(back), ah how, circa 1979

if you've read my post below about my growing up in the rubber estate and the boys. here's a picture of me and the boys :)

back to energy healing.
i'm gotta make it as simple as i can, in explaining how this works. this is not the whole picture but it's a starting point. we've learned in physics that all things are energy in motion, which creates vibration. everything vibrates at different frequencies. from solid stuff to unseen such as lights. from the ones we see with our eyes to the unseen. so, when we can't see certain things, doesn't mean that they're not there, they just vibrate at different levels. thus we humans also vibrate at different levels and emit different sets of energy. when we are well, we vibrate at a level i call energy of well being, and when we are ill, physically or mentally, we're not in alignment with our energy of well being, most times, energy mis-alignment will occur before any physical manifestation of illness.

so, 'i' read energy, and 'i' will try to re-align to it's state of well being.

we are all sensitive to energy around us. sometimes we feel certain way about certain people first time we meet, we feel their energy. it's no big secret after all. it's just that i am probably a wee bit more sensitive than normal.

the 'i' is just a label. to understand deeper, you've got to take the 'ego' out of the 'i'.
erm... maybe another post...


  1. Simple but good explanation. We do pick up on energy from other sources that affect our own energy balance.

    There has been some negative energy coming to Earth during November and it is still continuing, this is disturbing many people.

    With Love
    Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
    Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
    Metaphysical Institute
    Metaphysical Institute Blog

  2. As the song goes:

    "Those were the days, my friend
    We thought they'd never end
    We'd sing and dance forever and a day
    We'd live the life we'd choose
    We'd fight and never lose
    For we were young and sure to have our way"

  3. Not an easy thing to explain, I suspect!

    Love the photo! Great knees!

  4. I don't really understand actually..but it's okay..maybe it's not my field. Hope things going on okay for you!

  5. ian: hi, thanks for dropping by, wow, you've got some website. will pop by to read later.

    jemima: uh huh, those were the days. good times! good times!

    lee: haha! funny legs we have huh?

    hliza: that's ok, for me, i don't understand numbers, i really don't. things are slow moving, but all is well.

  6. hmmm, i can understand about the energy balance and sensitivity altho i still can't figure out how it helps in the healing. i guess that's what makes every individual's your special gift.

  7. p.s. i lurv the pic. u guyz still keeping in touch?


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