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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

cupcakes and the list

cupcakes, canon 350d

sister made cupcakes yesterday, yumm... they were good!

i am rather hesitant to share my mondo beyondo list here. fear. yes, fear of being judged. so today i'm mustering all my courage and spill it all out. this list is what lights me up and that's that. they are my cupcakes! *taking deep breath*

my mondo beyondo list
- holiday with gene to new zealand
- move to new zealand with gene
- travel the world with gene and take photos, fun holidays
- have a cabin/house in the mountains/woods overlooking the lake/sea
- climb mount kinabalu
- write/publish a book with my photos in it
- sing
- dance
- paint
- run womens retreat
- ride on elephant/camel
- ride a horse freely in vast open land
- safari with gene in africa
- holiday by the sea each year
- own a beautiful house (home/sanctuary) with beautiful garden
- live in a wonderful community that's friendly, kind, supportive, helpful and self sustainable
- find my tribe -online and offline
- write e-books
- hang gliding
- live in a country with four seasons at least for a year
- take great photos and get paid doing so
- have a super fun loving romantic relationship with gene
- have great communication, care and support in my relationship with gene
- grow old with gene happily, gracefully with lots of love and laughter
- swim with dolphins in the sea
- swim/dive with the whales in the sea
- witness the northern lights (aorora borealis)
- dog sledding in alaska
- co-write/publish book with gene with lots of our photos
- visit machu pichu and great spiritual high energy places
- sell my photos
- meet eckhart tolle in person, join his retreat
- run a successful online business 
- ride hot air balloon
- do wonderful things and help people with my abilities and skills
- visit my childhood pen pals & blog/online friends around the world
- diving and see the beauty of the sea world
- visit beautiful islands
- give beautiful homes for my parents and family
- bring my parents to great holidays
- travel asia with gene
- hire RV and travel in the US, canada, new zealand.
- living a healthy life style with gene
- own a scooter
- own a wv wan - samba van
- experience staying in a boathouse in the canals of amsterdam
- go to wizarding world of harry potter in florida
- play with snow, make snowman, angel, snowball fight, ice skating, skiing (ya... i have never seen, touch, taste snow before!)
- visit amy and horseshoe market
mondo beyondo!!!


  1. A very, very thoughtful list, Alison. And all very doable, I think...if you and Gene visited me, we could strike three or four things of the list...anything to do with Snow, at any rate! Or the Northern Lights and others, as well.

    I am glad you went beyond your fear of being judged. When you publish your intent, they become lodged deeper within oneself. Way to go!

  2. I love your list! Thank you for being brave and sharing!

  3. A couple of those with my cup of tea please!
    That's one heck of a good, and interesting, list many of which I'm sure that you'll get to do! Flighty xx

  4. Hey, Courage! So glad you posted your list. It's such a rich, lovely, joyful list!!! Thanks for posting it :)

  5. It takes great courage to share your deepest dreams with people who read your blog. Hats off to you girl! I am cheering you on and I believe you are capable of every single dream you wrote down. There's a spirited richness about each one, and I pray that you will strike each one off the list as they happen in succession. I like that you are honest about having a baby. I am in two minds about this too. That is why I've put off having a baby for so long. It scares me sometimes. Maybe that is why I practise "mothering" with a cat ;-).

  6. marion: omg! you can see northern lights from where yo live? that's awesome marion. and thanks so much for the invitation. will keep that in heart... would love to visit you. hopefully one day we will.

    laurac: thanks laura for your support. :)

    flighty: hehe! if you live nearby, i'd love to pass you some :)

    amy: thanks! i think i love this one most. i've done many in the pass :)

    mayakirana: thanks krista. these are born from the heart :)
    and we share the same fear on the baby part! hahaha! you with margerate and kiki are so lucky!! :D

  7. I wanted to retire in NZ too! Maybe we can be neighbours he he he..

  8. hliza: that would be wonderful! hehe! and when i smell sambal belacan, i know where it's coming from.

  9. an absolutely wonderful list, enjoy checking each one off!!!

  10. GREAT LIST!!and very interesting!

    O, I wonder if I will ever have the courage to make one like this!! I'll try in a while.


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