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Thursday, 2 September 2010

8.9.10 re-launching mettaville

hello september!
i have happy news! i am re-launching mettaville (previously known as mettaville creations).
8.9.10 = 8 september 2010, yes, that's the date!

remember i blogged about one legend here and here? well, that's where mettaville's products will be sold. yay! i am so happy, excited and truly grateful and honoured. when my friend lai yen, who owns this shop with her partner offered me the opportunity, at first i was doubtful (yes, that silly gremlin) that how can my product match what she is selling? bla bla bla... you know the drill. then a week or so after thinking it over, and when i shifted my perspective to one of opportunity and creativity. i got more and more excited, i called lai yen and we met at her lovely shop and i fell in love instantly, the shop and the items are just so beautiful, and i thought, yes, it would be wonderful to display and sell my items here. especially the little angels that i love doing.

so i have been busy creating little items. some angel charms, necklaces and bookmarks. here's a sneak peek of the angels i did.

i hope to upload more photos of the items soon. i am almost done with the packaging and stuff, soon to be delivered to the shop. so.excited.

it's 8 september 2010 onwards ya! do drop by one legend and get some mettaville items for yourself and loved ones. i appreciate your support and i thank you.

one legend
tropicana city mall
level 1, 13A
petaling jaya
(next to esquire kitchen)

and here're latest photos of kiki


  1. Yay! Congratulations!! That's amazing news!! So excited for you and send best wishes in this new endeavor!

  2. Superb!! congratulations, Alison! Your creations are beautiful...the energy they give is full of love. You'll have trouble keeping up with the demand!!

    And kiki looks very relaxed about it all...

  3. Oh Alison!! CONGRATS!! I am SO proud of you! Your angels are beautiful and you are amazing!! Also...You have been tagged!! Stop by my blog when you get a chance...the questions are at the end of a long post. I look forward to reading your answers...when you have the time:)

  4. I'm sooooo sooo proud of you Alison, you go girl for seeing that as an opportunity and going ahead despite being afraid!I'll surely most definitely drop by tropicana city mall to check out these darling angels!

    Hugs Hugs Hugs, hearing about a fellow artist's achievements made my day!happy weekends!

  5. shannon: thanks shannon, your words means a lot to me my friend.

    marion: thanks so much marion for your kind words and encouragement.

    soraya: thanks soraya for your kind words. i've done the questions, it has been a great "look within" time for me.

    eva: hey eva, thanks! and thanks for your support! i hope you like what you see :)

  6. Many congratulations! I bet this was part of your Mondo Beyondo journey :) So thrilled for you! xxx

  7. Angels on a mission! Love them. You go girl.


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