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Monday, 6 September 2010

what's in the shop

swarovski pearl necklace with silver chain

i've delivered goodies to the shop, finally! lai yen will set a corner for mettaville's items. they will do the decorating and display. i'll drop by wednesday and have a peek. can't wait!

i love simple designs, that is who i am, and that is what i create. this pearl necklace comes in cream and light grey. you can find them in one legend this coming wednesday. i've only created one design per item, just to see how the response is, so they are limited.

wish me luck!

p.s. tell your friends and family where you can find mettaville goodies :)


i've been tagged by soraya. here are the answers to her questions. i'd like to add that these answers are my perspective from where i am at this point in time, it is not constant, because we are all always changing and evolving yes?

1. are you a dog person or a cat person? both? neither?
a: i am a cat person, but love all animals. we have a cat (kiki) and a dog (chewie) at home.

2. if you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be? what would you do?
a: only a week? ;) i'd say new zealand. i've been dreaming of going there since, like forever. swim with the whales and dolphins, just be and feel and soak in all the goodness of nature and people. it's one of my mondo beyondo list.

3. what is your fave home cooked meal?
a: my mom's cooking

4. your perfect evening is...
a: spending time with gene, watching movie, or reading together or simply being together even if we each are doing our own thing. his presence makes me happy.

5. if you could be anyone in history for one day, who would you pick and why?
hmm... not sure if i want to, but i have often thought mother teresa is one amazing human being. i wish to learn and experience her BIG and loving heart, her kindness and her humility. sometimes just thinking of her can get me all teary (insert roll eyes... i know), she exudes such HUGE benevolent energy that reverberates the whole world. (and i am putting that in present tense).

6. a quality you admire most in others...? least...?
a: admire: kindness
least? i think that when we like less of a person because of certain action/personality, it is because it does not resonate with our "belief" system. everyone has his/her belief system that they think is "right", so when a person acts upon something that does not resonate with us, we feel unpleasant, uncomfortable and therefore have resistance, because it challenges our belief system. in a bigger picture, there are just cause and effect, action and fruit of action, all a process of life that we use and make decisions upon to either move up or down the spiritual ladder. if one is able to let go of judgement and see things as they are, one big volition, one is free from a lot of heavy baggages.
ok. back to answer the quality i like least in a person (quality that challenge my "belief" system) - untruthfulness. hey, i'm still human. i'm still learning to let go of baggages.

7. the scariest thing about ageing...
a: i'm not sure, maybe i'll answer in another 20 years? haha! i am learning to live in the present moment, i trust that every moment will take care of itself and will take care of me. no matter at what age or what happens, i'll be alright.

8. at the end of your life, what is the one thing you will regret never having tried?
a: bungee jumping? haha! kidding. seriously, there are two levels of looking at this (at least for me right now). end of life as in this mortal life time? i do not know when is my end life, could be today, tomorrow, when i'm 101? who knows? so for me, right this moment, right now, after living for over 30 years, even i have things that i have not tried or done, i have no regrets, so if i die now, i'd say i can die peacefully. on another level, i feel i've done so much in such a loooooooong "time", the immortal life, an old soul if you understand what i mean. so, i'm good, i want to end the cycles of life. no regrets.


  1. Dear sweet Alison...I LOVE your necklace first of is just perfect!! It has grace and elegance and I especially love the photo you took of it. You have captured it perfectly! Have you thought about opening up an Etsy shop? I know it would be a bit of working out with the shipping etc...but your work is truly stunning! I was just stopping by to tell you no worries about the tagged questions (I know that you are so busy!) but...I am so gald you answered them. I have learned so much about you and...let me just say...that I am totally with you on so many of your answers. Acrtually the larger thought processes behind your answers. I find you to be a very wise (old) soul...very much at peace with who and where you are on the journey.
    I would LOVE to go to New Zealnad too...I have seen pics and read about it is a nature lovers paradise! I have seen lush montains and waterfalls and hills and oceans...I hope you go there soon and then write about it on your blog:) Yes..I think Mother THeresa was/is an amazing soul too. She exuded strength, character, dignity, loving kindness. I admire her for so many things. To be her (or a person like her) for a day and to feel what its' like to have such a haert..would be life changing. I really found your answer to # 6 very interesting. You are so right...if we can let go of judgement (Still working on that one!!) are still so young...a long way to go on that one:) The bet answer to me...#8!! I love how you so succinctly put it...i love your graceFULL spirit Alsion. I am so very glad you left a comment on my blog that one time I found you:)thanks for playing along!

  2. I love your necklace! I know your wares are going to be a huge success; I can't wait to see your photos of the display...

    Love your answers to those questions. Indeed, you ARE an old soul, Alison!

  3. Wow great news! Really look forward to more of your collections..I have loved the ones I got..good luck dear sis..I know success will be yours.

  4. WHOA I'm in love with the necklace. It is BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. I can't FB this properly, the picture does not show, instead, the first comment showed. Can that be fixed? :D

  6. soraya: i took down my etsy shop some time ago. will reconsider to open it again.

    marion: thanks marion.

    hliza: thanks liza

    anna: go to fb, placed a link from there, i think that should work.


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