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Wednesday, 15 December 2010


goofy us snapping self portrait, kuala lipis 2009

9 years.
happy anniversary to us.
i love us.
thank you to the whole big u of creation for making this happen.

guess what?
we're heading to new zealand in march 2011 for a holiday! woohoo! the migration application is put on hold until we have had a taste and feel of the country first. to make sure that this is really what we want. well, we already know in our hearts's heart that we want this, but a holiday suggested by some family and friends sounded good. passport renewed. plane tickets booked. it will be a ten days total exploration and discovery in middle earth. ten days!!!

financially i don't know how we are going to manage, i wish to contribute but i do not know how. this is my challenge. i am a sensitive and i am susceptible to the energies around me, and it is not easy to find work or jobs that suit me, i am not aligned to the outside world and it's old ways. some people are unable to understand this. i just do not know how else to explain.

anyways, i am going to take this challenge and try to turn it into possibility. as some of you may know i ran an energy reading and energyworks not long ago and i am thinking of bringing it back. i have done many fun energyworks with friends pass couple of months which have had amazing outcome and many great feedbacks. sometimes friends would call me or text me to report of their experiences, it's interesting. i am surprised to what extend this energyworks can do, which truly goes beyond what anybody or even i can comprehend with our limited mind, this goes way beyond the mind. i am working on the details and hope to roll out the new plan come 1 january 2011.

in the mean time. new zealand in march 2011? cannot. wait.
and to get into the mood, i like to play this video, i love the beginning part with dolphins and whales, my heart longed to be with them. so fun.


  1. Happy anniversary! The holiday will be wonderful, and I am a little bit envious as New Zealand is somewhere I've always wanted to see.
    Flighty xx

  2. Happy 9th Anniversary! Really like your goofy picture! Follow your heart, you know what is best for you.. HOliday in NZ, sounds good! :D

  3. Happy anniversary! Really nice couple picture :)) Wow, can imagine your excitement for the NZ trip. And yes, you should continue with the energy work, it's a gift!

    Seen you next week, can't wait to catch up!


  4. Dearest sweet alison, Happy anniversary!!! You guys make such an adorable couple!! :) It's a wonderful idea for a NZ holiday to get the feel and see how you both love it there! I could totally relate to what you mean when it comes to finding a job especially a 9-5 job that suit you. That energy reading and works sound wonderful! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  5. alison! what a cute picture and i loved this post. i think i totally understand what you said about not being able to really find a "job" that fits. i want to talk about this more because i have always felt that way. i just don't "get" the 9-5 thing. it doesn't make sense to my brain. energy work sounds amazing. i want to hear more about that, too! AND new zealand in march sounds especially great. so happy for you. it's gonna be fun :) xo

  6. flghty: thanks flighty. i hope i can take some photos and share them with you. and sending you good wishes when we're there.

    janet: thanks. yes, my heart is singing nz :)

    kylie: thanks friend. cannot wait to see you too. so much catching up to do!

    jaqueline: thank you. sometimes we can get really goofy :) i'm still not quite sure how to do the energywork. we'll see.

    amy: ya, my brain cannot process a lot of things that is going around in this world, hence i live in a magical world of my own, much like alice in wonderland :)

  7. Happy belated Anniversary, Alison, to the both of you. I'm sorry I'm late, but it's been crazy busy for the last few days.

    I think the holiday idea is a really good one, although, as you say, I don't know that it's needed! The two of you are so cute...and both of you look so ready to take on an adventure!

    You were excellent with your energy would be great if you did that again.

  8. Happy belated Anniversary! NZ in March is heavenly..


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