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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

one little word 2011 - passion

yes. P.A.S.S.I.O.N.
this year i wish to live life passionately. it's a learning process. i know. it's a fun process i wish to embark and embrace in 2011.

passion in all that i do and all that i am. to love myself passionately, letting go of judgement and doubt about myself and accept every little bits and pieces of me. to be gentle and kind with myself. to be open and allowing. to live my truth. being authentic.

passion in my work, art and craft, photography, energywork and all my daily activities as well, i want to learn to see the mundane musings in new light, the light of passion. even if not all the time, whenever i am aware, i wish to invoke this new feeling in my daily doings.

passion in my relationship with gene. we are in our 10th year as a married couple. 10th year!! and we are still as silly as cats in sarongs. we are ready to start a new chapter in life if all goes well with the big move. pray for us. this will be a wild ride.

passion in living and enjoying life in every moment. i am feeling oh so thankful for who i am, even though i do not fully know who and what i am... yet, that does not mean i cannot be passionate just "being". it's like there is a kind of juiciness joy and love and gratitude in every action and beingness when i operate in this given mode. when i embrace and enjoy life, i am living in gratefulness. so living life with PASSION is like being grateful 24/7!

the abundance of 2010 will continue and expand into my passion for living a fully awaken life in 2011.

what's your one little word 2011?


  1. I never make any new year resolutions before, but why not think of something this year..


    Change in my life style ie so that Roy and I can live together with my hubby wherever he works.

    Change in my motherhood ie to conceive, to let Roy to have a little sister or brother.

    Change in relationship ie I could be more actively involve in seeing some good friends and share life story together.

    Change in me ie to be more patient and wiser facing everday challenges.

    Change in world environment ie lesser disaster and weird weather..


  2. I don't even remember last year's one..hehe..I think I wrote it here as a comment to your post. I think I won't choose any this year..I'll just continue last year's resolution which had not complete..

    Could your passion possibly also lead to a 'little' Alison or Gene? hehe..

  3. my word would be : C.H.E.R.I.S.H

    No resolutions tho :)

  4. Dearest sweet alison, a wondderful word for the new year!! Mine would be fearless. :) Wishing you LOVE and JOY this new year. Thank you so much for all your love, support and blessing in 2010 and i look forward to more adventure with you this year! Love to you!

  5. Great word for 2011! So inspiring! Mine is "authentic" - I'm going to try and honor my own path instead of worrying so much about others thoughts and feelings about my life. Thanks for sharing Alison!

  6. When I first read this I thought "Hey, Alison stole my word for 2011" and then I realized it's ok, great minds think alike! =D Passion is definitely on my word list this year, you said everything that I want to express in this wonderful post!

    Mayb we continue to breathe passion, live passion, paint passion, make passionate artful living this year!

    Love to you,

  7. wow! i am blown away by all your wonderful one little word!

    janet: change indeed. this is a year for "change", for sure. i love what you wrote, every. single. one.

    hliza: happy continuation!

    bee: yup, dedicating the song "cherish" by kool and the gang to you :)

    jacqueline: you are a warrior this year jacqueline. warrior of love! let your light shine brightly to cast that fear away. "fearless" 2011 it is!

    shannon: ooohhh... i love that word "authentic" very much too. this is the year to be authentic, i am seeing it in a lot of people. i feel that when you find and remember your own magnificence, you'll blow yourself away :D because you truly are, and i and all those around you love you for that. bring it on shannon! :)

    eva: hey you. happy to see you're back! yes, there's a lot of passion to share for everyone :) yes to all you said too, passionate artful living, i like that.

    thanks for sharing everyone, i am so inspired by all of you :)


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