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Friday, 14 January 2011

tarts and thoughts

pineaple tarts, waiting to be baked, melaka

now that we've established the basics. setting up mettaville's etsy shop and mettaworks intuitive reading service. we can go back to more photos. while i work on expanding, learning, tweaking on the two projects which i will be focusing on this year. other than still dreaming the nz migration.

as you can see it's after 3:00am and i'm still wide awake! the strong energy inflow is making my sleeping pattern a little off. my heart is racing, my head feels light yet a thousand thoughts run through it, which include many great enlightening wisdom and ideas and chatters. i wonder who they belong to? it has been like this since the new year and i know the energy is just going to get stronger.

the opening promotion for intuitive reading - usd11. until 31 janruary 2011. thank you those who enquired and making appointments.
gene's photos here.


  1. I bet that they taste as good as they look, and I do so like pineapple! Flighty xx

  2. Good luck with all your endeavours, Alison! Those tarts look so good you have stimulated my taste buds...I want one right now.

    I find I feel so much better and lighter and even happier these days due to the strong energies. I know what you mean with regards to the sleeping patterns...I'm waking at 4AM on a regular basis now and have much energy, even so...

  3. Dearest sweet alison, i am a huge huge fan of pineaple tarts and i think my whole family too! These look soo yummie and i wish i know how to make them! Congratz once again on your etsy shop and reading sevice!! have a lovely merry happy day sweet friend and love to you!

  4. flighty; oh yes, they do. yum! will definitely get some more when i head to melaka town.

    marion; thanks so much marion. i don't really have any expectation. just putting it out there.

    jacqueline: thanks again. the tarts have many varieties, you can google for the recipes and try them.


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