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Thursday, 12 May 2011

love's pilgrimage

the invitation cards are printed! yay! thank you so much to eva and her friend, jin for designing the card, isn't it the sweetest? if you are in the klang valley i would like to invite you to the opening of our maiden art exhibition happening on the 20th may 2011. you can go to the event page for more details.

so happy and excited i can hardly contain it.

work in progress.

not sure how many pieces of art i will be able to finish. i am on my fourth piece (photo above). 5 days left before sending them off to the gallery for vihn to work on the exhibit.

as busy as i can be, there's nothing better than taking a break from painting and have good lunch and good conversation with a good friend.

on unrelated update. there has been change of plans on our nz migration. oh, we are still going, just that we are engaging immagine new zealand immigration specialist after all to help us with the migration process. we are happy to let the professionals handle what they do best.

i have been contemplating lately on how lucky i am to be living such amazingly wonderful life. this is the best life ever!!! i am so so grateful to all the wonderful experiences and people that have been flowing into my life. i am truly blessed. thank you life.


  1. OMG what an exciting event! How I wish I can be part of all these..adn even be by your crafty booth below! I'm so happy with yr progress and the NZ life seems so exciting for you at this stage. Just wondering if you still have some of those cute magnets..(I framed the flower postcards you mailed to me sometime 2 years ago and it's on my wall remind me of how lucky I am to know you!)

  2. Hello Alison,
    How nice!
    I love the cards! The artwork is adorable and colorful.
    Have a wonderful evening,

  3. Oh, Alison...I'm so happy for you. I have actually been keeping up, but haven't commented. I've been keeping to myself for awhile...the energies were very intense and not in a good way at all. I know you will understand.

    But I am happy,happy,happy for you that all this has turned out so well with so many like-minded friends. And I am happy as well that you have hired an immigration specialist...that's best, I think. Much less stressful...and now, look how busy you are!!!

    I love coming here and hearing your gratitude towards your life and experiences and friends. Sooo inspiring!! xoxo


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