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Monday, 16 May 2011

the magic and the art

title cards/exhibit labels

i've finished the paintings. some write-ups to be done and they're all set to be delivered to the gallery tomorrow. it has been a long week. i am looking forward to a good rest soon.

strange how things unfold. i wrote "paint" as one of my dream list and never really thought about it after that. i have not painted for a long time (rocks don't count). i have not even seen my own paintings on canvas but here i am having an art exhibition? how did that happen?

when the painting date with eva turned into an invitation to join her for the exhibition, my heart leaped sky high and screamed a big yes! without having any thought whatsoever how i was going to produce art pieces in such a short period of time after the confirmation. but i did. i enjoyed wholeheartedly every minute every second when i was with my brush and canvas. and how did i get the inspirations to paint? i notice there were a few ways how these "inspirations" came. (some call it creative process).

first, i set an intention. then i talked out loud and in my heart to the "art angels"(what i call them, which is most times the wall, the pillow, the coffee table ect. you get the idea), i journalled. all the time asking for inspirations and help with this event. hello? i had only 10 days!! i could really use some help. then the magic...

- i saw glimpse of images running through my mind, and i drew them on paper, then canvas.
- i chose a tittle, then i waited. then i saw images passing by.
- sometimes i paint first, titles came later.
- some just flow straight from paint to canvas without even doing a sketch.
- one in particular is an image from past life that was so vivid and clear.
- sometimes while working on one piece, an image would appear for my next piece.
- other times nothing came until i finished with one and stared on the next blank canvas.
- there's a piece which was first suggested by my sister which later evolved into quite a delightful art.

but all of the time there were little voices guiding me. i notice too that i have that certain "feeling" when a painting is finally done. it's really interesting to be aware of such strong senses and guidance. it is sharpening my intuitiveness so to speak.

on energy update: the energy is so intense right now. time is speeding up and things can change in an instance. things can appear quite chaotic at times. emotional flare ups, what was once buried is now brought forth. please be very mindful of your intention, what you give attention to, and also your action. remember, what you focus on expands. choose gratitude and love instead of fear and worry.

for those who have done mettaworks with me, i pray you are doing well. bare in mind that whatever burden/baggage/lower energy that you have accumulated (past lives included) may take some work to let go of, including pre-conditioned and limiting thoughts and beliefs. but let go you must. it is the only way. remember, you are, in your purest form - a beautiful being of love. claim that! and if you feel so called to do more energyworks with me, do not hesitate to email me. or you can book sessions with me over at small talk with the moon. i will be doing mettaworks there as well during the 3 weeks exhibition. details in my event page.


  1. Dearest sweet alison, such a beautiful and inspiring post! I am so happy to know that you are almost all set!! Truly exciting and happy for you and sweet eva! I am hoping i could make it to the opening on friday! I will see how things go at day job this week to see if i can make it this friday! *crossing my fingers*
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and process with us on working towards your exhibition! It's truly so inspirational! I know for sure it will turn out great! I will need to check the schedule of the exhibition again to see if i could at least make it there over the weekends. Happy sunday sweet friend and love to you!

  2. jaqueline: thanks so much for your kind words, support and encouragements. much appreciated my friend.

    kylie. haha! wishing there's a "like" button here huh?

  3. Alison, you are incredible! Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational journey.

    I so agree with your energy update. I agree with the has almost derailed me! But look how it's helped you...all those amazingly creative pieces of art done in just ten days! I wish I was there so I could see them all!

    I wish you much success, sweetie, with your exhibition...xoxo


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