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Saturday, 7 May 2011

a dream that pops!

i am so excited! the news that i've been keeping (if you've been following me on facebook) cannot be kept any longer. i am doing a collaboration with eva for an art exhibition this coming 20th may! oh my goodness! i am so excited and happy my heart is about to explode!!

the interesting part is i have less than 10 days to produce some art pieces. 10 days!!! omg! everything happened so fast. today we had a meeting at the gallery to plan out the event. the exhibition will be held at small talk with the moon. i'm in love with the name and even much more with the gallery itself. it's a quaint little bungalow in petaling jaya that oozes with charm.

currently on exhibition...
art work by radzi ismail.

that's vihn (left), curator of the gallery who is helping us with the event. a person full of character and ideas and thoughts. and eva, who invited me to collaborate with her on this amazing dream come true opportunity. thanks eva!

remember "kissing the moon"? that will be part of the exhibition. it has evolved from that to something different which i will not reveal just yet. if you're in town, do come to the exhibition. i will share details in the coming days when we finalize some of the items and itinerary.

i am always ever grateful to be given the chance to experience new things and having so much fun in the process. so grateful!

on another note, our nz migration update. we've decided to apply without going through an agent. our first little step, gene submitted his academic qualification to new zealand qualification authority for verification before we can proceed with the EOI (expression of interest) application through immigration new zealand. so now we wait.

and by the way, i've listed some new necklaces in my etsy shop. check them out.


  1. An art exhibition? Way to go, Al! All the best and have fun! All the best for your application as well, good news sure will come~

  2. Dearest sweet alison, OMG an art exhibition!! How cool is that! I am so happy for you and sweet eva!! Best of luck with the 10days dateline and make sure to breath and keep calm! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  3. janet: thanks so much for all your support. i am deeply grateful.

    jacqueline: thank you for your encouragement and sound advice, i do need to breathe... you have a great week too! xo


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