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Titirangi Village Market - 28 May 2017, 10am - 2pm.
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Friday, 28 September 2012

this week

living in gratitude in the final days of september...

  in the process of making more journals.

meeting the vet to discuss the process and the cost of kiki's migration. this will be my next big project. praying hard.

home made moon cake for tea.


  1. Hi Allison,
    I'll keep you and AiKi in my prayers.
    Have a great day.

    1. thanks lydia! you're so kind and sweet!
      have a happy weekend!

  2. Thanks for sharing these little snippets of your current life, Alison! Kiki looks relaxed and confident for the future....

    1. i sure hope she'll adapt well when we get there.

  3. I missed out the mooncake fun..too engrossed with work!

  4. still not to late :) i saw kids playing at the playground, that made me smile.

  5. I hope everything runs smoothly for Kiki to go to NZ with you! Miss you dearly! And I'm so glad to see you making journals! They are really neat! One of my best students, you! :D

    I am just starting to make them too.... Using recycled paper cos I can't find kraft paper supplier yet :) Am happy either way as long as I get to make them again :)

    1. i pray so too :) miss you too!
      thanks! i learn from you, teacher. *bow*

      wonderful that you're making journals again, can't wait to see your new US made journals! :)


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