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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Moving again

A quick blog post for this week as we'll be busy for the next couple of weeks ahead. We're preparing to moving into a new house and I'll be getting a new work space. Yay!

This is my current work space, which is a guest room. I LOVE the glass window where I get ample natural light to work in. The bed usually is full of my craft items and tools and laundry that needs ironing! I shall miss this lovely space, but looking forward to moving into here...

A new creative space. A room for all my work and mess! :) Although it doesn't have the huge window, it is reasonably bright in here. We stripped off the old wallpaper and will put on a fresh coat of paint.

We found this little guy at the front door of the new house. This is a good sign! Having a praying mantis at your front door means good fortune, if you believe in old wifes tales :)

And this too, need some work but I'm already dreaming of a veggie patch, getting my hands dirty and do some gardening. But for now, we'll be busy giving the house some love and attention before we can move in.


  1. Great to see the photos of your new house! It will be interesting to see your art space before and after. BTW praying mantises are beneficial insects to your veggie garden for controlling the pests, yeah! But some cats eat them... Ouch! -Christine

    1. Hi Christine, I'm looking forward to decorating the new space too! I have lots of stuff still packed in boxes since our move here over a year ago :)

  2. I hope that the move goes well, and you settle in quickly. I also expect to see gardening updates once you have. Flighty xx

    1. Thank you, Flighty. Yes sir, I will post gardening updates in the blog once we're settled in. I've been admiring your plot all these years, I finally am able to have a tiny one myself :)

  3. That's awesome, Alison! Nothing like having your very own space to use however you choose and not being in anyone else's way! Moving is a pain, though..... no way around it. Good luck settling in and YAY for that cute little praying mantis!

    1. Thanks Patty! We are looking forward to having a new space. I have stuff that are still unpack from our move here, lol! Taking deep breath, we'll manage! :D

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